Saturday, December 25, 2010

parabens banned from cosmetics in Japan and Sweden

Here's a site that talks about 6 of the common "nasties" commonly found in cosmetics, and mentions where they're banned.
The list of products that contain parabens is enormous...almost everything that can be put on the skin will have some type of paraben. Although there are other nasty chemicals in cosmetics, for me I narrowed it down to parabens that were causing the rash around my eyes[ late last year].An important additional fact that I want to add here is that these same chemicals are included in laundry detergents.
This may not sound important, but from my own personal experience, I know that residues are left in fabrics - and you're resting your face and body against the fabrics for maybe 8 hours of sleep - and then surround your body with clothes for the rest of the day. The exposure adds up to 24/7!! It wasn't until I started using castille soap as a laundry detergent that the rash on my face disappeared - and can't contain "fragrance." [the industry's buzz word for including anything they want without telling you what it is].


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